Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws

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I am an exotic, yet rustic, reusable drinking straw made from natural bamboo canes, which makes me almost as strong as my stainless steel cousin. I don’t split when the going gets tough or get soggy after a few minutes in a drink. Since I’m hard-wearing, you can take me anywhere, just bring my little cleaning brush along to keep me company in your bag or purse.

Using me

Just like my Natural Wheat buddies, I like to be rinsed before I’m called upon, after all, we are natural beauties. I’m BPA free, so I love all types of cold drinks (especially the ones with umbrellas), and I promise I won’t make your juice taste funny.

Cleaning me

I’m a food-safe product so you can pop me in the dishwasher if you like, but I will probably last a bit longer if you just give me a quick hand wash with some warm soapy water :)

If you can, try to dry me quite well, I am biodegradable after all. When we’re done, just pop me into the compost bin so I can tell all my natural buddies how much fun we had together.