Natural Wheat Straws

Natural Wheat Straws

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I am an eco-friendly drinking straw manufactured entirely from natural wheat. As I’m not made from plastic, I cause little harm to the environment when disposed of since I’m BPA free, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Using me

I love parties, restaurants and events. I’m not designed to last forever (which is why you get 50 of me per pack), so when you do use me, let’s make it a fun one. Since I’m made from natural wheat, you’ll want to give me a quick rinse before I’m used. You can use me in any cold drink, particularly cocktails, juices and milkshakes. If you can, give my ends a little trim to ensure a smooth drinking experience.

Caring for me

I like to be kept in a cool and dry place if possible. I’m a little more delicate than my bamboo and stainless steel cousins, so be gentle if you can :)

Let’s have some fun ;)