World Clean-up Day 2018 | Local businesses lead the Qawra effort

World Clean-up Day 2018 gets going on Saturday 15th September as millions of good-natured, energetic individuals from across the globe unite in a bid to take out the trash. If you haven't signed up for your local clean-up yet, you can do so by going to the @LetsDoItMalta Facebook page and searching for a clean-up near you.

The beginnings of the clean-up started over a decade ago when a group of Estonian residents, tired of the sight of illegal waste, bound together to tackle the mess. By clean-up day, around 4% of the population (or 50,000 people) of Estonia had signed up, and the green wave was born. 

150 countries now represent the movement and around 5% of the World's population do their bit for the environment. 

Clean-ups in Malta

Clean-ups in Malta are becoming more and more common nowadays, and this is largely in part down to the efforts being made across social media. Groups like Malta Clean Up often post about upcoming clean-ups and offer many ways for willing residents to get involved. 

Last year, during the national clean-up in Malta, approximately 1300 volunteers collected over 2030 bags of rubbish. With awareness levels growing, we're hoping this year will be one for the record books. #LetsDoItMalta

Local businesses of Qawra join forces

Local businesses have come together in Qawra to rally the troops and make a real difference in the community. As you can imagine, the promenade between Qawra and Bugibba experiences extremely high foot traffic, especially during the peak seasons. With all those people, comes a lot of trash. 

Quattro Water Park has invited all the volunteers of the Qawra Clean-up aged 6 - 18 to their Water Park in Bugibba, free of charge for 1 hour, to cool off after the clean-up. 

In addition, there will be some prize giveaways from @Moheco on the day of the event. All participants of the Ta' Fra Ben effort will be entered into a free draw and could win either a Reusable Lunch Wrap or a pack of Stainless Steel Straws

To get involved in the Qawra Clean Up for World Clean-up Day 2018, sign up on the groups Facebook page.

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