Visa & PayPal Payments Are Here!

Well, we were a little late to the party in regards to online payments, but we've finally done it. Helloooooooo 21st Century :P

We are proud to announce that we now accept payments via PayPal, Visa and a number of other payment options at the checkout. 

No PayPal Account? No Problem!

We chose PayPal for obvious reasons - They are one of the best!

Whether you have a PayPal account, or just want to pay with your card, simply tap on the PayPal icon at the checkout and select your preferred payment method. 

You'll be given the option of logging into your PayPal account and making a payment that way, or you can select the debit/credit card option from the bottom of the screen.



Why PayPal?

PayPal has an extremely versatile gateway that can process payments via one of their accounts, or through Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.

We wanted a well-known company to do our payments, and they don't get much bigger than these guys. Their payment processing is fast, efficient and most of all, secure.

So, next time you visit and are ready to check out, try the PayPal or Visa options by clicking on the yellow button.

The Moheco Team


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