6 ways to reduce your plastic consumption

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Here's a few ideas to we thought you'd like! :)

These are six tips for reducing plastic on a day-to-day basis

1. We can start by cutting back on the amount of single-use plastic bags you find in the grocery store and turning down the plastic straws you get given in your drinks. 

2. Invest in a bottled water solution that provides 12L and 19L containers. It's still plastic yes, but at least it can be reused and saves on all that plastic you'd accumulate from using 2L alternatives.  

3. Re-purpose some old t-shirts into grocery bags for the next time you head to the shops. 

4. Ever tried making your own cleaning products? Google is great for conjuring up a good recipe for descaling. Household items such as vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, lemons, natural salt, and hydrogen peroxide can be re-purposed into a reusable spray bottle for an effective cleaning solution. Less plastic bottles purchased, no harmful chemicals around the house and extremely cost efficient compared to expensive cleaning products, meaning more money in the pocket too, win win.

5. Ever tried Bamboo products? The list of daily household items being made with Bamboo is growing. Super strong, super cool and 100% bio-degradable. 

6. Keep an eye on the clothing you purchase. Garments containing high percentages of polyester have been highlighted to be one of the main contributors of harmful micro-fibre being found in our Oceans and Sea's. 

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